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Please note photos may not 100% accurately reflect the actual plants that you will receive, but they do provide a general picture of each plant and flower type. In addition, substitutions may be made by the grower due to variables at the greenhouse.

Flats (32 plants, $20 each)

Mix Green Leaf Begonia
Pink Green Leaf Begonia
Red Green Leaf Begonia
White Green Leaf Begonia
Mix Impatiens
Pink Impatiens
Red Impatiens
Violet Impatiens
White Impatiens
Dusty Miller (silver)
Yellow Rudbeckia
Mix Petunia
Salvia (Blue) *NEW*
Photo of Salvia for Flower Sale
Mix Celosia
Mix Vinca *NEW*
Vinca image for Flower Sale
Mix Dwarf Zinnia
Mix Dwarf Marigolds

4.5" Pots ($5)

Coleus (Red)
Coleus (Variegated)
Gerbera Daisy (Assorted)
Red Geranium
Pink Geranium
White Geranium
Geranium (Ivy) *NEW*
Ivy Geranium image for flower sale
Calibrachoa (Yellow) *NEW*
Calibrachoa image for flower sale

12" Hanging Combo Basket ($28)

Sun Variety
Shade Variety

12" Round Patio Pots ($28)

Sun Variety
Shade Variety

10" Hanging Baskets ($20)

New Guinea Impatiens (Growers Choice) *NEW*
Impatiens basket image for Flower Sale
Vining Violet *NEW*
Violet basket image for flower sale

4" Vegetables ($4)

Better Boy Tomato
Marglobe (Heirloom) *NEW*
Grape Tomato
Cherry Tomato
Sweet Green Bell Pepper
Hot Pepper

4.5" Herbs ($4)

Basil Italian
Basil Lemon
Dill Bouquet
Parsley (Italian)
Parsley (Curly)

Herb Combo Pots ($28)

Mediterranean Delight - Spearmint, Oregano Greek, Rosemary Barbeque, Sage Purple, Savory Winter, Thyme Lemon
Mexicana - Basil, Cilantro Mexican, English Thyme, Marjoram, Oregano Hot & Spicy, Pepper Basket of Fire
Italiano - Basil, Chives, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage
Soup du Jour - Basil, Marjoram, Oregano Hot & Spicy, Creeping Rosemary, Savory Winter, Thyme English Compact
Tea Lover's - Chamomile Roman, Lemon Verbena, Mint Chocolate, Mint Peppermint, Mint Kentucky Colonel, Stevia Honey Dip

Wildflower Seed Mix ($6)


Deer Resistant Wildflower Seed Mix Packet - These same beautiful flowers grow in the CDS Pollinator Garden near the parking lot!​

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