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Facing History and Ourselves

Students at a Yom Hazikaron Remembrance Ceremony

Guided by our Jewish values, we empower our students with the knowledge, empathy, critical thinking skills, and moral courage they need to help create a brighter and more just world.

We are proud to be the singular Facing History and Ourselves partner school in western Pennsylvania, and our curriculum encompasses essential lessons about inclusivity, dialogue, social justice, and the profound connection between history and the world we live in today.

By examining the events and choices of the past, with a particular focus in Grades 7 and 8 on the Holocaust and human behavior, students gain a deeper understanding of the consequences of anti-Semitism and other forms of hatred and discrimination.

Through engaging discussions, thought-provoking texts, and reflective exercises, they explore complex ethical dilemmas and learn to advocate for positive change in their community and beyond.

Student presents at Yom HaShoah commemoration
Student participating in MLK Day Gallery Walk
Students taking leadership role in Facing History and Ourselves programming

Facing History and Ourselves Partner Schools Network

Launched in 2008, the Facing History and Ourselves Partner Schools Network includes nearly 150 schools worldwide. The program has been demonstrated to lead to increased teacher effectiveness and commitment, improvements in students’ academic and civic learning outcomes, a safer and more respectful classroom environment, and a transformed school culture.

Students look at historical images on a gallery walk during MLK Day