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Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten

Kindergarten students working in the gardens

Choosing the right path

At Community Day School, we offer both Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs to ensure that your child begins their educational journey with the right level of support and challenge to succeed.

Young learners reach developmental milestones at different times, and these two programs were designed with the whole child in mind to reflect the beautiful individuality of this growth process and to provide families with options. 

Here’s a breakdown of the unique experiences your child will encounter in our Transitional Kindergarten (EC Gesher) classroom and CDS Kindergarten, both deeply rooted in Jewish traditions and values.

We strive to make our classrooms warm and beautiful. When students have that warm feeling of comfort, they are more inclined to want to embark on learning challenges. But when I say challenge, I mean it in a positive way. That learning is about giving your best, persevering, taking risk into the unknown, and being confident about it. 

Anna MIkolay, EC Gesher Classroom Educator

Teacher and students collaborate on art project in EC Gesher

Transitional Kindergarten (EC Gesher)

Nurturing a strong foundation

Gentle Transition: Called Early Childhood Gesher (Gesher or גשר is the Hebrew word for 'bridge'), our Transitional Kindergarten classroom acts as a bridge between Early Childhood and Lower School for children who may benefit from an extra year to enhance readiness for kindergarten learning. 

Child-Led Exploration: In our Reggio Emilia-inspired classroom, passionate educators help children build essential skills through project-based learning and play, encouraging curiosity and creativity in a safe, supportive environment.

Focus on Social-Emotional Development: In a small class with individualized attention, children progress at their own pace and learn to share, cooperate, and communicate.

Jewish Values: We integrate Jewish values and traditions into daily activities, fostering a sense of community, respect, and kindness.

CDS Kindergarten

Preparing for a bright future

Enriched Learning Environment: Our Kindergarten classrooms are vibrant, joyful spaces with curriculum designed to challenge young minds. We focus on literacy, numeracy, science, and creative arts, cultivating a love for learning. 

Deepened Jewish Understanding: In Kindergarten, children delve deeper into Jewish customs and traditions, as well as Hebrew language learning, connecting them to their Jewish heritage. 

Social and Emotional Growth: Kindergarten is a pivotal time for students to refine their social skills and emotional intelligence. Our teachers guide them in developing empathy, cooperation, and resilience to build self-confidence and lasting friendships.

Academic Preparation: Kindergarten prepares children for the more structured environment of Lower School. By focusing on organizational skills, time management, and collaboration, children develop the tools they need to thrive in the future.

Visit our classrooms

Sarah DeWitt

Choosing between Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten is a significant decision in your child's educational journey. CDS Enrollment Management Director Sarah DeWitt is here to guide you through the process, ensuring you make the choice that aligns best with your child's needs and your aspirations for their future. The first step is to see our classrooms in action!

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