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Parent Survey results word cloud
Avi Baran Munro, Ed.M., Head of School

With the High Holidays just ahead of us, we are moving into our own personal moments of reflection, introspection, and commitments to act. We will be making resolutions to repair, improve, change, and interact more thoughtfully with ourselves and with those around us. Sometimes we will fulfill those resolutions. Sometimes we will fall short. 

As a school, we engage in a very similar process. We have our own time of reflection, introspection, and commitments to act. Since 2009, we have engaged in an annual cycle of surveying our parents and periodically surveying our students, staff members, and trustees. We survey in the spring, analyze results in the summer, and create action plans in response to priority areas that emerge from that process.

Our response rates are the envy of many organizations, who report 30% to 50% response rates with pride. We have been tracking 70% to 80% response rates since we began surveying our families in 2009, which allow us to be confident in our results. THANK YOU!

The results shared below are compiled from the various surveys mentioned, and some findings are summaries of open-end comments that are analyzed and tracked for patterns. 

Here are some highlights from the surveys we’ve analyzed, and some priority areas that we’re focusing on, thanks to your voices.

Overall key indicators (with four-year trends for evidence of progress):

Key satisfaction indicators are overwhelmingly positive, with overall satisfaction rate of 95%. 

Survey chart from 2018-2019 Survey

A key indicator of the strength of a school is “Likelihood to Recommend”. Once again, we showed strong support among our current parents, with a 95.3% overall recommendation rate. 

63% feel part of a social community of families at Community Day School, with 27.93% feeling somewhat part of that community; there is room for growth in engaging these all of our families and we believe that should be a continued priority area.

91% are satisfied with their child’s academic progress (grades and knowledge gained) and believe that their child will be academically prepared for the next stage in their educational journey.

Academic and Programmatic Experience

There is a continuing interest in seeing more focus on science, math, and technology and to see technology and computer instruction more substantively integrated throughout the academic experience. 

You gave us high scores for differentiation and overall academic preparedness.

82% of families indicated they believe that IGNITE adds value to their child’s learning opportunities, and IGNITE in Action and the program appeared frequently as a “Highlight of the Year” in the qualitative comments. 

There is also keen interest expressed in increased academic enrichment. 

21% of CDS parents want their children to spend more time outdoors during the course of the school day.

Our parents care about the “Jewish” in our Jewish day school, and are remarkably unified while more diverse than ever: More than 40% of CDS families self-identify as “unaffiliated.” They are also more interested in dynamic and progressive Jewish education than ever before.

CDS parents are eager to see greater proficiency outcomes in spoken Hebrew, deep and meaningful experiences in tefillah (prayer), and challenging engagement with our ancient texts through text study. Our staff, families, and students are enthusiastic about raising their hands and their voices in places where Jewish values and social justice intersect.


There is a desire to see increased and consistent teacher communication about the content and nature of student experience.

There is room for improvement in explaining to parents who to go to when they have a question, as well as room to improve response rates to inquiries and requests. 

Religious Observance:

71.93% believe that religious observance is just right at CDS. 14.91% feel it is too much, and 13.6% would like to see more.

Some Priority Areas and Takeaways:

  • Continue to strengthen parent Jewish engagement and community building
  • Focus on improvements in science, math, and STEM/technology
  • Deepen our culture of Hebrew language learning and use
  • Evaluate IGNITE and develop improvement plan as part of schedule analysis
  • Continued focus on meeting individual learning and socio-emotional needs
  • Continue to emphasize value of outdoor education with teachers
  • Ensure there is a transparent curriculum review and selection process and ensure parents are aware of advanced academics opportunities

We also ask families to share their highlights from the school year and also three things that make them most proud to be part of the CDS community. The results from these open-ended comments in the survey are captured in these word clouds, which inspire in us tremendous joy and pride.

What makes you proud to be a CDS family

Word cloud from CDS Parent Survey

What were the highlights of your 2018-2019 year?

Word cloud from CDS Parent Survey

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We are all mindful that the uncertainty and anxiety about the coronavirus and the illness it causes, COVID-19, have continued to escalate this week. Here's an update on our emergency planning process at Community Day School and steps we should all be taking in the interest of public health.

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