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A Message from CDS Head of School

Dear Friends,

We hope that you and yours are all safe and healthy.

We established three task forces — Campus Reopening, Academic and Social-Emotional Continuity, and Financial/Business Strategies — that worked throughout the summer and fall with these overarching goals:

  • To be fully prepared to come together as safely as possible for in-person learning on campus as government mandates permit, holding paramount the health and well-being of our staff, students, and families. With our space and staffing levels, we can begin the school year on campus at full capacity each day while in alignment with health and safety guidance from the Pennsylvania government, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other experts;
  • To create CDS@home 2.0 — a significantly improved  distance learning program that builds on the emergency version that was created in the spring and more closely mirrors the in-person school day, as developmentally appropriate. CDS@home 2.0 will provide more compelling and engaging classroom experiences that befit our high academic standards and meet the social-emotional needs of students of all ages. We also planned for the continuation of a full virtual option for families with this need at any point throughout the school year or in the event we need to pivot for a COVID-19 resurgence;
  • To help guide decisions about CDS finances with empathy, compassion, and humanity and work to maintain operational continuity.

The task forces composed of administrators, staff, and educators were charged with researching the best available information gathered from public health, scientific, and workplace safety experts, mental health professionals, government officials, our academic accrediting organizations, and our Jewish values. The key decisions were also informed by systematic and robust analysis of staff, parent, and student voices collected through surveys, town hall meetings, and individual discussions. As needed, we continue to reach out to various experts for particular guidance in any of the pertinent areas. 

While the current global health crisis has forced us to make some difficult changes for the coming year, know that our belief in the transformative power of a CDS education remains steadfast. Perhaps never before has our mission been more important than in the current climate of the world. This is truly a remarkable community, and I am so grateful.

Best wishes,

Avi Baran Munro, Ed.M. 
Head of School

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