Honor your child's birthday with a lasting gift

The Shirley Lyon Zionts Birthday Book Program is a wonderful way to honor your child or grandchild while supporting the Karen Rachel Hurwitz Library at CDS, allowing children to choose a book(s) to donate to the library on the occasion of their birthday. Please contact Jenny Jones, Director of Institutional Advancement, with any questions.

Give a birthday book

Dear Friends,

In our house, some birthday presents are more exciting than others, but the gifts that continue to get attention for months after the shiny toys break or lose their luster are books. Bedtime reading is more enticing with a new story, a funny character, or a classic chapter book.

As a Community Day School parent, I am excited to introduce the Shirley Lyon Zionts Birthday Book Program. Please join me in buying a book for the Karen Rachel Hurwitz Library at CDS once a year in honor of your child’s birthday.

We all value the importance of reading, and our library serves as an invaluable resource to our children as they explore new subjects, cultures, and interests. Sponsoring a book in honor of your child’s birthday helps the permanent collection at CDS grow. Your gift supports all students as they explore through reading, and it also helps children to learn that birthdays, when we celebrate the gift of life, are wonderful times to share with others.

It’s simple to make this gift: just complete the form below, and our librarian will help your child select a fabulous book! Your child’s name and who the book will be printed on a nameplate on the inside cover, and your child will be the first student to borrow this birthday book. You will receive an email reminder during your child’s birthday month with the link to donate a book.

Thank you for supporting the Karen Rachel Hurwitz Library and for sharing the joy of purchasing a book with your child. New books keep our collection relevant and help us instill a love for reading and learning that will serve our children for their whole lives.

Best wishes,

Aviva Lubowsky

Birthday Book Chair