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Create your Jewish legacy 

Chances are you already give generously to the Pittsburgh Jewish charitable organizations of your choice. But have you considered including those organizations in your will, or as a beneficiary of your retirement fund, so you can continue to make a difference for generations to come? 

Community Day School is participating in the four-year Life & Legacy incentive program that is a collaboration between the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Pittsburgh. The goal is to preserve vibrant Jewish life for future generations by ensuring the long-term financial health of Jewish community organizations in Pittsburgh.

There are many different ways to leave your own legacy. And anyone can do this. You don't have to be wealthy—just committed to CDS and the Pittsburgh Jewish community. Whether you already have a will or are just getting started, it's always the right time to think about how you want to be remembered and what impact you can make.

CDS Life and Legacy donors

Anonymous (6)
Laura Arnold 
Dan and Ronna Askin
Moshe Baran
Cantor Laura Berman
Joshua Breslau
Ari and May Chester
Nicole Evoy

Jay L. Fingeret
Margie Fischman
Josh and Shiri Friedman
Dan Gelman
Eva Gelman
Miriam Ginsberg (z"l)
Adrienne and Evan Indianer
Jenny and Chad Jones 
Stuart Kaplan
Ken Levin 
Michael and Caryl Levin
Gina Favish Levine
Noah and Aviva Lubowsky
Fara and Andy Marcus
David and Carole Maretsky
Tzippy Mazer
Jack and Bernice Meyers
Marcie Mitre

Simon and Deborah Moltz
Shirley Moritz
Avi Baran Munro
Boaz Munro
Isaac Munro
Paul Munro 
Barry R. Nathan
Linda S. and Fred Newman
Robert O’Doherty
Barbara Parker
Bruce and Jane Rollman
Edward Russakoff
Andrew Sahud
Hannah Sahud
Derek Smith 
Irene Smith
Richard Smith (z"l)
Rabbi Stephen and Lisa Steindel
Laura Stone
Marc and Lisa Tannenbaum
Barbara Trachtenberg
Nancy and Gary Tuckfelt
Howard and Nicole Valinsky
Mark and Bari Weinberger 
Joseph and Phyllis Weinkle
Lou and Amy Weiss
Nancy Weitzman
Bob and Roelie Whitehill



* List as of: 8/9/2023

Maretsky Family

"David and I have been involved with Community Day School since its inception. As founders of the school, we have been so proud of its growth. We watched it grow from a K-2 program to a full Age 3 through 8th Grade curriculum. Our daughter and grandchildren have so greatly benefited by the strong academic curriculum and the nurturing and dedicated staff. Even more important is their strong Jewish identity and values. What wonderful mensches and caring people they are! CDS has well-prepared my grandchildren for higher academic learning success. They are independent thinkers, as well as leaders among their peers. They are willing give back to their community by volunteering their time for various organizations and projects. We want to pay forward all that CDS has done to enrich our family and to ensure future children the same opportunities. We are proud to support LIFE & LEGACY in Pittsburgh.”

— David and Carole Maretsky, CDS alumni grandparents

"This has been an exceptionally challenging and difficult year for education in America.  Millions of students from grade school to university level have been unable to join teachers and classmates  for an in-person learning experience.  We are proud that our three Friedman grandchildren in Squirrel Hill have been the beneficiaries of the devotion,  commitment, and expertise of  the CDS faculty, administration, and staff to allow them to enjoy daily  in-house learning and socialization. The return to school has gone almost without mishap since late August. The children have taken to their classroom pods with great excitement. They are glad to be back with friends and classmates and are clearly benefiting from the social and academic bonanza of a school united in purpose and in place. We are honored to have the opportunity to include Community Day School in our wills with a bequest that can help to ensure that this wonderful school will be available for our great-grandchildren and others." 

- Rabbi Stephen and Lisa Steindel

"As our children have grown, it is clear how their time at CDS helped them see the inequities in the world and engage in activities to address them.  We know that we would not have sent our children to CDS if we were not convinced they would receive a great education.  We have learned that the cost of providing the education we demand is substantial. In response, we give generously to CDS through gifts to the annual and endowment campaigns. It seemed only fitting to include CDS in our legacy planning, too.  We hope that our gift will inspire others to give and make sure that the school can continue to attract and inspire the Jewish families of Pittsburgh."

- Ken Levin and Marcie Mitre

"Both my husband and I committed to being Life and Legacy donors.  We did this about two years ago, and it is recently that I feel even more committed to that decision.  When we made the commitment, our daughter was still a student at CDS, and the school’s dedication to her education and development up to that point had moved me to make the donation.  Now, she is a sophomore in high school.  She recently told me that nothing in high school (the academic track, AP classes and honors, etc.) is as hard as CDS was.  CDS was not grueling, do not misunderstand. It  really prepared her for being a student in any environment.  We are delighted that CDS gave her the foundation of asking questions and working hard. This year (COVID and virtual school) are among the hardest academic challenges she has ever encountered or ever will. But, she has self-motivation and great study skills and a love of learning—all of which CDS helped to make happen. 

People get requests from their colleges to donate when they graduate, and if you go to a private high school, maybe you think to donate to that because those are key years.  But I think that people do not regularly give to their elementary school. It is up to parents and others to give to elementary schools instead of the alumni, just by virtue of how this all works.  As pivotal as they are, people forget their elementary education, or take it for granted. Or by the time they are in a position to be donors themselves, those years are too far in the past. The elementary school years are the foundation and essential—I am honored to be giving back to CDS. They have given so much to our family. My dedication to giving to CDS has only grown since I made the commitment to do so. 

CDS accepts every person for who they are and where they are, and as our consciousness about human rights issues increases in society, I am more aware of how CDS is instilling these habits. Community Day School is not only academically rigorous and preparing my children for life from a traditional educational standpoint, but they are teaching and exposing my children to values that I believe in and exploring and questioning important issues of morality and inclusion and kindness.  hey are helping my children to be prepared for life on all fronts.  Every kid in the world should be lucky enough to have a CDS education. It is my duty to make sure that future generations of kids in Pittsburgh can have this experience—that is why I made the Life and Legacy commitment." 

- Dr. Hannah Sahud

"Our family has two generations who have benefited from the love and values of the CDS experience. Our hope is to be a small part in keeping the ahava alive for the next generation and thereafter. "

- Dan and Eva Gelman